Emotional Lo-Fi Melodies


What’s inside:


  • 67 Wav Files
  • 31 cc0 Melodies
  • 5 original melodies
  • 6 cc0 ambient sounds for blending


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These are the catchiest melodies you will find for making Lo-Fi hip hop on YouTube and Spotify!

Dug out from the most obscure sources on the internet, these samples are curated, cut up, organized, and track ready. These Emotional Lo-Fi Melodies are perfect for that 2 AM playlist you’ve been working on! Cut them up, flip them, or plug them in as is.

All of my curation is sourced in a way (CC0) that guarantees full rights to use the samples within. This means they are 100% Royalty Free! Use them for profit on all your favorite streaming platforms!

Happy producing!