Retro Gamer Glitch Hop


What’s inside:


  • 512 wav files!!!!!!
  • 26 Original Drum Loops
  • 323 video game FX sounds (LOL)
  • 37 cc0 melodies
  • 5 original melodies
  • 39 8bit drum one hits
  • 9 8bit drum one hit loops
  • 24 melodic one hits


Instant download after purchase!




What is a video game without music? This pack has over 500 sounds for indie video game developers, Lo-Fi producers, and 8 bit aficionados!  You can produce your entire glitch hop/vaporwave/synthwave/chiphop album with this sample pack or use it in your games/videos. There are tons of sound effects, low fidelity drum sounds, explosions, and anything you could think of in a classic arcade game.

Listen to a few of the sounds from the pack below: