Basement Boom Bap


What’s inside:


  • 168 wav files
  • 19 Melodic one hits
  • 16 Drum one hits
  • 4 one hit drum loops
  • 27 cc0 drum loops
  • 18 cc0 perc loops
  • 27 original drum loops
  • 12 cc0 FX sounds
  • 31 cc0 melodies
  • 4 original melodies


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Dive deep into the sounds and loops of Basement Boom Bap! Make tracks that sound like KRS-One, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, and more!

Holizna has reinvented the classic DJ term “digging.” In the early years of Hip Hop, beats were made by “digging” through old records for drum breaks, jazz, and soul samples. In 202, the game has changed significantly. The old methods just don’t work for independent artists without the means to clear samples with originators. 

In order to bring you the same concept, without the legal frustration, Holizna has dug deep into the world of creative commons, found all of the most interesting CC0 songs on the internet, and cut them up into samples. He has sifted through tens of thousands of songs, and pulled out the best, most interesting samples from them. Because most of these samples came from live instrumentation, they are uniquely organic and definitely unlike anything you’ve heard in your average sample pack!

Basement Boom Bap focuses on gritty underground sounds! The type of stuff you would have heard a DJ using for an underground basement show in New York in the early and mid 90’s. You could dig for 2 years and still never find the rare gems Holizna has selected for you in this pack. Even if you could find them, all the leg work has been done for you. The BPM and Key signature have been found, and everything is cut into clean usable samples. Save yourself the time and headache and get right to producing your next banger!!

100% Royalty Free. Use them for profit on all of your favorite streaming services such as Spotify!

Happy creating!